The Turkish Cookbook : Exploring the food of a timeless cuisine, Hardback Book

The Turkish Cookbook : Exploring the food of a timeless cuisine Hardback


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"Greet a Turk and you will eat. Whether you are in the busy streets of Istanbul, in a small village in Anatolia, on the slopesabove Bursa, or in a resort in the Mediterranean, the enticing aroma of grilling, baking, and spices fills the air - warm breadrings covered in sesame seeds; deep-fried mussels with a garlicky sauce; roasted chestnuts, almonds and pistachio nuts;savoury pastries filled with melting cheese; lamb roasting on a spit; aubergines smoking over charcoal; and the scentof fresh peaches.

You can try Ottoman puddings in Istanbul; juicy apricots stuffed with rice in Cappadocia; anchovy pilaffalong the Black Sea coast; fiery kebabs served on a sword in Adana; and the hallucinogenic honey of Kars in easternAnatolia.

The Turks are passionate about their cuisine. It gives them pleasure to share it with you and it is their generoushospitality that draws me to the country again and again." This glorious volume by award-winning author and cookGhillie Basan looks in detail at the culinary history and geography, the customs and festivities, as well as the localingredients, and presents a tantalising selection of classic regional recipes.