Politics and the Mediatization of School Educational Policy : The Dog-Whistle Dynamic, Hardback Book

Politics and the Mediatization of School Educational Policy : The Dog-Whistle Dynamic Hardback


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Despite increasing prevalence over the past three decades and a clear impact on school education policy and practice, education's connection to dog-whistle journalism and politics has not yet been fully explored.

Addressing this gap, Politics and the Mediatization of School Educational Policy examines the emergence and current impact of dog-whistle politics and journalism on education in Australia, the US and the UK, questioning what is at stake when this political dog whistle is directed at school educational policy and practice. Exploring common targets for dog-whistling, such as teaching standards, teacher quality and specific curriculum areas, such as history, sex and health education, the book considers the broader social issues of xenophobia and racism, as well as the decline of print media and rise of digital news sources in its place, with each chapter including an in-depth discussion using peer-reviewed literature on the subject.

Following the trail of dog whistles impacting in school educational policy and practice across these three countries, this book explores:To what extent is the dog-whistle dynamic embedded in school educational policy and practice?To what extent does the dog-whistle dynamic affect our understanding of school educational policy and practice?How might we explain the continued flurry of dog whistles impacting school educational policy and practice?As the phenomenon of the dog whistle intensifies both nationally and internationally, this timely and thought-provoking book is necessary reading for academics, postgraduate researchers and all members of school communities.