Broken Frontier, Hardback Book


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This oversized hardcover is jam-packed with gorgeous artwork and captivating stories from today's heavy hitters in both mainstream and indie comics. Greg Pak and Tom Raney deliver a poignant tale of police officer returning to duty thanks to a supernatural replacement to his amputated arm in "Phantom Limb Ghostpuncher."Cullen Bunn and Nathan Fox introduce us to the skateboarding, sword-wielding goth girl who fights against creatures of the night in "Dark, Dark World."Phil Hester and Daniel Warren Johnson take us back to the world of Vikings in "Plunder."Tyler Chin-Tanner and Toby Cypress combine desert dystopia with technotronic futurism in "The Wall."Marguerite Bennett and Varga Tomi share one woman's quest to tame a living, breathing mountain. In "The Beard," Fred Van Lente and Alison Sampson present a woman with an unusual dilemma; her newfound facial hear has given her the ability to fly, give up one and so goes the other. Justin Zimmerman and Mike Lawrence show us the events of Word War I through the eyes of a young girls with a jet pack and wings in "Flyer."Plus many, many more.