Guilty Crown: Series 1 - Part 1, Blu-ray  BluRay


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Episodes 1-11 of the anime following the adventures of a high school boy with an unusual gift.

Shu Ouma (voice of Yuki Kaji) possesses an ability known as the 'Power of the Kings' that allows him to reach into the hearts of others and extract formidable creatures known as Voids.

The immense power this gives him throws Shu into the middle of the conflict between a powerful government and the resistance group that opposes them, both of whom desire Shu's help to crush the other.

The episodes are: 'Outbreak: Genesis', 'The Fittest: Survival of the Fittest', 'Phanerosis: Void-Sampling', 'Solution: Flux', 'Training: A Preparation', 'Cage: Leukocytes', 'Round Dance: Temptation', 'Summer Day: Courtship Behaviour', 'Predation: Prey', 'Degeneracy: Retraction' and 'Resonance: Resonance'.


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