Gun for a Coward, DVD  DVD

Gun for a Coward DVD

Directed by Abner Biberman


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Western directed by Abner Biberman, starring Fred MacMurray, Jeffrey Hunter and Dean Stockwell.

Widowed mother of three Hannah (Josephine Hutchinson) wishes she could find a way to protect her sons from the brutal world of the West.

Eldest Will (MacMurray) has already taken the place of his father as head of the ranch and is quite happy working the land; the two younger sons, Bless and Hade (Hunter and Stockwell) are still making up their minds what to do with their lives.

When Hannah decides she wants to move to the city of St.

Louis to escape the troubles of the West, she asks Bless to go with her.

Bless, always wanting to prove himself as a cowboy, refuses and vows to overcome his cowardice once and for all.