The Prehistoric Burial Sites of Northern Ireland, Paperback / softback Book

The Prehistoric Burial Sites of Northern Ireland Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Much has been written about the history of Northern Ireland, but less well-known is its wealth of prehistoric sites, particularly burial sites, from which most of our knowledge of the early inhabitants of this country has been obtained.

This work brings together information on all the known sites in Northern Ireland that are in some way associated with burial.

It has been compiled from a number of sources and includes many sites that have only recently been discovered.

A total of 3332 monuments are recorded in the inventory, ranging from megalithic tombs to simple pit burials.

In addition to providing an inventory of all known sites, along with a selection of photographs and plans, the work also includes an introduction to the prehistory of Northern Ireland, an explanation of terms and a full bibliography.

The aim is to provide a foundation for more specific research projects, based on a standardised information format of this largely untapped resource.

For example, the work highlights several large and previously unrecognised clusters of prehistoric burial monuments, some located at unusual landscape features.

Hopefully, further analysis will lead to a greater understanding of why this should be and stimulate a renewed interest in the prehistory of Northern Ireland.

Enhanced awareness of this should complement knowledge of the historical period to provide a more balanced picture of human activity here.