How to Make Money in Alternative Investments, EPUB eBook

How to Make Money in Alternative Investments EPUB


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Your investing options aren t confined to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Those are merely the most common investments and, as recent history proves, certainly not the safest or most profitable. How to Make Money in Alternative Investments introduces you to more than 40 places to invest your money outside the traditional avenues.

Popular tax-strategist team Hubert and Lisa Bromma have written a prescriptive guide to help you take your portfolio to the next step. The key is to invest directly in an entity and to design your investment to be tax-free or tax-deferred. How to Make Money in Alternative Investments is your blueprint to entering unique markets, including:

  • Private Lending
  • Precious Metals
  • Natural Resources
  • Green Investing
  • International Sources
  • Real Estate
  • Business-to-Business Cash Flows

How to Make Money in Alternative Investments provides you with numerous success stories that illustrate exactly how it s done from one investor who makes private loans of $50,000 that return 12.5 percent interest to another who makes millions investing in water rights in Wyoming.

True financial freedom today begins and ends with you. No longer can you trust a third party to make the wisest possible decisions regarding your future. You need to reject the standard double-digit losses of your life savings and take control of your own investments.

How to Make Money in Alternative Investments helps you branch out on your own by making intelligent choices in the markets where you see potential. It s the only way to avoid losses in our struggling economy and it s the best way to build wealth that will see you well into the future.


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