Beta Male, Paperback Book



Sam Hunt is a confused modern male in his very late twenties.

A work-shy, commitment-phobic would-be actor, he is beginning to worry that turning thirty might just be the last straw.

Flatmate Alan, the sensible one, has just been proposed to by his girlfriend Jess, with his femme fatale boss looking on with a saucy gleam in her eye.

Newly-dumped Ed spends his time tearfully watching 'Sex and the City' in a pile of his ex-girlfriend's pyjamas and plotting his revenge.

Meanwhile unemployed doctor Matt embarks on a dubious bet with Sam to see who can be the first to ensnare a rich wife and enjoy a life of leisure...

Are your carefree twenties a retreating memory? Are your friends discussing children and fixed-rate mortgages while you clutch your Xbox, sobbing?

You're not the only one. 'Beta Male' is a riotously funny and painfully honest chronice about friendship, masculinity, marriage and the beginning of the end of the beginning of adulthood.




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