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Every episode from the first seven series of the BBC comedy starring Johnny Vegas as small-time Manchester cannabis dealer Moz.

The episodes comprise: 'The Rat', 'The Seduction', 'The Boyfriend', 'The Affair', 'The Backpacker', 'The Party', 'The Pregnancy', 'The Body', 'The Stag Do', 'The Landlord', 'The Hydroponics', 'The Séance', 'The Boss', 'The Guest', 'The Delivery', 'The Money', 'The Night', 'The Christians', 'The Pyramid', 'The Nest', 'The Bath', 'The Set-Up', 'The Crabs', 'The Wedding', 'The Pains', 'The Past', 'The Vodka', 'The Secret', 'The War', 'The Birthday', 'The Television', 'The Future', 'The Healer', 'The Temptation', 'The Red Bag', 'The Documentary', 'The Chance', 'The Passports', 'The Business', 'The American', 'The Kill', 'The Poster', 'The Lapse', 'The Accident', 'The Ear', 'The Housewarming', 'The Police', 'The Debtors', 'The Brothel', 'The Paintings', 'The Love' and 'The Red King'.