In the Spider's Web, DVD  DVD

In the Spider's Web DVD

Directed by Terry Winsor


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Terry Winsor directs this American horror starring Lance Henriksen and Emma Catherwood.

When backpackers Gina (Catherwood), John (Cian Barry), Stacy (Lisa Livingstone), Geraldine (Jane Perry) and Phil (Michael Smiley) go hiking in the woods of a remote part of India with just their guide Brian (Mike Rogers) to show them the way, their journey is cut short as Geraldine gets bitten by a poisonous spider.

As the group seeks a remedy for their friend from an American doctor they are told works in a jungle tribe, they are shocked to find out the true past of Dr. Lecorpus (Henriksen). Will they go ahead with the treatment to save the weary Geraldine?