Sterol Regulation of Ion Channels : Volume 80, Hardback Book

Sterol Regulation of Ion Channels : Volume 80 Hardback


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Sterol Regulation of Ion Channels, Volume 80, the latest in the Current Topics in Membranes series provides outstanding content to the scientific community on relevant topics that relate to the broad field of membranes.

Topics of note in this new release include Membrane structure and general mechanisms of sterol regulation of ion channels, the Regulation of ion channels by sterols as boundary lipids, the Differential effects of sterols on ion channels: specific vs. non-specific interactions, the Structural determinants of cholesterol-ion channels interactions, and the Regulation of Ca2+-sensitive K+ channels by cholesterol and bile acids via distinct channel subunits and sites, amongst other specialized chapters. The serial is targeted towards scientists and researchers in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology, providing the necessary membrane research to assist them in discovering the current state of a particular field.

The authors and editors associated with the Current Topics in Membranes series are recognized as world-renowned scientists in their respective fields, making CTM one of the premier serials on membranes