The Visitor from Far Far Away, Hardback Book

The Visitor from Far Far Away Hardback

Illustrated by J.H. Low


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When a visitor arrives at Heping Nature Park, he discovers that theenvironment is very different from his home in the Arctic.

The dense junglewith leaves in all shades of green and brown, and the creatures in the water areall unfamiliar to him.

Will the three friends, Red Hair the lion, Chip Ear theleopard and Four Tooth the hyena, be able to help the visitor adapt to this newenvironment or find his way home?

Inspired by afamous saying of Confucius, , (you peng zi yuan fang lai, bu yi le hu), which describes the great pleasure of welcoming friends visiting from afar, The Visitor from Far Far Away teaches children about the joys ofmaking new friends and helping friends in need.

This enchanting story issuitable for readers of all ages.