Me and Muhammad Ali, Hardback Book

Me and Muhammad Ali Hardback

Illustrated by AG Ford


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Like most of the kids he knows, Langston is a huge fan of boxing champ Muhammed Ali.

After all, Ali is the greatest for so many reasons - his speed, his strength, his confidence - and his poetry.

Langston loves that Ali can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, and Ali's words give him confidence to spin his own poems.

When Langston hears the champ is coming to the local high school, he's ecstatic - this will be a day that will go down in history for him.

When the big day arrives, Langston gets a special haircut, and floats like a butterfly to meet his hero - so imagine his disappointment when a guard tries to stop him at the door, saying the event is just for students.

Fortunately, Langston has learned a thing or two about fearlessness from the champ and is quick about not taking "no" for an answer. And just like that, a dream comes true for Langston that leaves him feeling wrapped in a warm glow and chanting I'm quick and I'm strong.

I'm Black and I'm free. I'm brave and I'm bold, like Muhammad Ali!