Advanced Applications of Ionic Liquids, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Advanced Applications of Ionic Liquids discusses the intersection of nanotechnology with ionic liquids (ILs) and materials, along with opportunities for advanced engineering applications in various research fields.

Novel materials at nano scales with ILs creates an upsurge in the thermal and electrochemical constancy of the nano scale particles, making them ideal for industrial applications.

The implementation of ILs at nano scale includes an interaction of constituents, which is beneficial for electron transfer reactions.

These new composites can be implemented as sensors, electronics, catalysts and photonics.

Including ILs in polymer composites enhance electrochemical consistency, govern particle size, upsurge conductivity, reduce toxicity, and more. This book is a comprehensive reference for researchers working with IL based technologies for environmental and energy applications.


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