Callan - Volume 2, CD-Audio Book

Callan - Volume 2 CD-Audio

Part of the Callan series


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Adapted from series creator James Mitchell's Sunday Express Short Stories by his son Peter Mitchell, four new adventures expand the themes explored in the television show.

David Callan works for The Section, a top-secret counter-espionage organisation.

He's a killer, a trained assassin, and the best at what he does.

But that doesn't mean he has to like it. With the aid of the burglar Lonely; fellow operative Meres; and Section secretary Liz, Callan fulfils the orders of departmental head Hunter and finds himself in very murky waters.

Murder, betrayal, and model soldiers. It's all in a day's work for Callan. 2.1 File on a Difficult Don. The cap and gown meet the gun and bullet when Callan visits the Dreaming Spires to protect a codebreaker. 2.2 File on a Mourning Mother. Callan and Meres are investigating the mysterious death of a scientist at a top secret research centre when they discover, Hell hath no fury... 2.3 File on an Elusive Engineer. Callan and Meres are sent to protect a British engineer from an assassination attempt and then find themselves all at sea. 2.4 File on an Angry American. The CIA plans to execute a double agent on British soil and Callan is sent to make sure the target's wife doesn't get caught in the cross-fire. CAST: Ben Miles (Callan), Frank Skinner (Lonely) Nicholas Briggs (Hunter), Jane Slavin (Liz), Nicholas Day (Odgers), Jason Nwoga (Routledge/Stone), Imogen Church (Conchita), Michael Jibson (Earl of Burgos/Rod Mercer), Emily Raymond (Diana Browne), Tam Williams (Toby Meres), Mark Elstob (Judd/Jorge/Armstrong), Lara Lemon (Miss Townley), Jamie Parker(Peter Carteret/Mackley), Jade Anouka (Angela Wain), Beth Chalmers (Mrs Ventris).