SQL Clearly Explained, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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SQL Clearly Explained, Third Edition, provides an in-depth introduction to using SQL (Structured Query Language).

Readers will learn not only SQL syntax, but also how SQL works. Although the core of the SQL language remains relatively unchanged, the most recent release of the SQL standard (SQL:2008) includes two sets of extensions: 1) support for object-relational databases and 2) support for XML.

As a result, the set of standard SQL commands has been greatly extended and this new edition takes that into account. This new edition includes updated tips and tricks to reflect the current concepts of SQL and XML standards; several new chapters covering object-relational and XML extensions; and an ancillary package that includes case studies, a syllabus, exams and more. This book is intended for working SQL programmers, database administrators, database designers, database analysts, and application system developers as well as those who are developing new features for database management systems who want to know about user needs.

This would include anyone working with electronic content in the relational database context but also XML.

Web services, etc.