First Fairy Tales: Three Little Pigs, Board book Book

First Fairy Tales: Three Little Pigs Board book

Illustrated by Jan Lewis

Board book

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This traditional story is retold in rhyme in this chunky padded boardbook.

You can see what happens when three young pigs build three new houses - one of them out of straw, one of them using sticks, and one of them with bricks...Bright illustrations and simple rhyming text make this book perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves.

Youngsters can also have fun counting how many times the little black bird appears in the story. "Look at my boys," said Mother Pig, "You three lads have got quite big!

Now that you are almost grown, Please build new houses of your own.

Off you go, but just watch out. The big, bad wolf roams here about!" One house was straw, another sticks, But the clever third pig made his from bricks.

Would these keep the wolf from the door? Read this book to find out more!