Betel Vine : Natures Green Gold, Hardback Book

Betel Vine : Natures Green Gold Hardback


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An innovative book in the agricultural field. The leaf of the betel vine has a vast array of health and medicinal properties for multiple applications in human health.

Besides, it is considered as one of the most potential high-yielding and beneficial cash crops, having substantial international demand and playing a significant role in uplifting the socioeconomic status of rural peoples.

Due to its various merits, it has been recognized as a green gold or green heart of nature.

Additionally, a farm of betel vines is also popularly known as a household bank.

Nonetheless, there is no such organized book on the betel vine.

The literature concerning the basic concepts, various practical aspects of cultivation and economics of the betel vine are very scanty and scattered.

The present book comprises the most current and important information in various aspects of the betel vine in fourteen chapters.

Keeping in mind the beneficial aspects of students, farmers, agriculturists, teachers and researchers, the book has been written on the basis of present practical concepts and current research findings of various scientists.

It is a useful and unparalleled resource book for the above readers, graduate and post-graduate students of agriculture, botany and plant pathology, and also for researchers, teachers, scientists and farmers to develop a practical concept concerning the various aspects of the betel vine.