Rascal, Hardback Book

Rascal Hardback


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When a mysterious mewling package arrives in the mail,one busy young woman's life changes forever. Rascal lives up to his name,filling every day with wild adventures and long naps: brave expeditionsinto closets, fierce battles with curtains, and wrestling with slumberinggiants...

Sometimes she's tempted to throw him out the window. He's lucky he's cute. Over 128 pages, Jean-Luc Deglin paints a purringportrait of one unforgettable black cat, an elegant inky swirl in a world of striking blue tones. Hilarious and heartwarming, exasperating andenchanting, Rascal captures the full range of emotions that come with keeping God's cutest killing machine as a pet. If you love cats, or dream of having one, thisbook is dedicated to you. Once you bring Rascal into your life, you'llwonder how you ever lived without him.