Edge, Paperback / softback Book

Edge Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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DEAVER. DANGEROUSLY GOOD. Henry Loving is a 'lifter', hired to extract information from his victims.

He is very, very good at it. His next target is a Washington, D.C. detective, whose family are immediately put under government protection.

The man assigned to their case is protection officer Corte: uncompromising, relentlessly devoted to protecting those in his care and a brilliant game strategist.

He knows just how brutal the lifter can be - six years earlier, Loving killed someone close to him. As tension increases inside the family, the situation escalates into a deadly contest between the hunter and his prey.

As the lifter closes in, Corte must decide whether to protect his charges, or use them as bait in the name of personal revenge... 'The twists and turns from devilish Deaver will have you burning the midnight oil, then using it to set fire to the candle you'll be burning at both ends until you finish this.' Sun


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