Seamless 3D Navigation in Indoor and Outdoor Spaces, Hardback Book

Seamless 3D Navigation in Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Hardback


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This book presents the current research on space-based navigation models and the contents of spaces used for seamless indoor and outdoor navigation.

It elaborates on 3D spaces reconstructed automatically and how indoor, semi-indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor spaces can mimic the indoor environments and originate a network based on the 3D connectivity of spaces.

Case studies help readers understand theories, approaches, and models, including data preparation, space classification and reconstruction, space selection, unified space-based navigation model derivation, path planning, and comparison of results. Provides novel models, theories, and approaches for seamless indoor and outdoor navigation path planning. Includes real life case studies demonstrating the most feasible approaches today. Presents a generic space definition framework that can be used in research areas for spaces shaped by built structures. Develops a unified 3D space-based navigation model that allows the inclusion of all types of spaces as 3D spaces and utilizes them for seamless navigation in a unified way. Intended to motivate further research and developments, this book suits students, researchers, and practitioners in the field, and serves as a helpful introductory text for readers wanting to engage in seamless indoor/outdoor navigation research and teaching.