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Nelson's History of the War PDF

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August, at eighteen points her troops had crossed the Transylvanian border.

Before entering on the details of her campaign it is necessary to examine the nature of the military problem now presented to her, and the resources which she possessed to meet it.

Her immediate and contiguous enemies were Austria and Bulgaria, and the first point to consider is the nature of her frontier.

This frontier fell naturally into three sec tions. From Dorna Watra in the north to Orsova on the Danube the Transylvanian plateau, rimmed by a line of mountains, jutted out like a huge bastion into her territory, dividing Moldavia from Wal lachia.

Here the border line, nearly four hundred miles in length, followed for the most part the crest of the hills.

The northern part is known as the Southern Carpathians and the southern as the Transylvanian Alps, but it is all one mountain system.

On the Rumanian side the heights fall steeply to the wooded foothills, but on the west the Slopes are easier towards the plateau.

The chief peaks are from to feet in height, and the passes are for the most part deep winding ravines.




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