Radiological Risk Assessment and Environmental Analysis, Hardback Book

Radiological Risk Assessment and Environmental Analysis Hardback

Edited by John E. (President, President, Radiological Assessments Corporation) Till, Helen Grogan


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Radiological Risk Assessment and Environmental Analysis comprehensively explains methods used for estimating risk to people exposed to radioactive materials released to the environment by nuclear facilities or in an emergency such as a nuclear terrorist event.

This is the first book that merges the diverse disciplines necessary for estimating where radioactive materials go in the environment and the risk they present to people.

It is not only essential to managersand scientists, but is also a teaching text.

The chapters are arranged to guide the reader through the risk assessment process, beginning with the source term (where the radioactive material comes from) and ending with the conversion to risk.

In addition to presenting mathematical models used in riskassessment, data is included so the reader can perform the calculations.

Each chapter also provides example and working problems.

The book will be a critical component of the rebirth of nuclear energy now taking place, as well as an essential resource to prepare for and respond to a nuclear emergency.