A Dictionary of Public Health, Hardback Book


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An invaluable desk reference for busy public health practitioners, The Dictionary of Public Health is an alphabetical listing of almost 5,000 words and phrases used in public health science and practice.

It offers definititions, discussion, and an occasional brief commentary on the relevance of each term to people and their health.

This volume is a trusted resource for answers to questions that arise in the course of public health practice, whether in theoffice or in the field, in interactions with the public or with the media. The book contains cross-referenced definitions and discussions of related terms and concepts.

For easy reference, users will find similarly worked definitions and discussions of important related concepts listed under each of the commonly used keywords.

A variety of website links make it easy to find further information at the users fingertips.

Covering all aspects of public health, this book serves as both a quick and handy reference tool and a vehicle for more leisurely browsing.