The Psychology of Investing,  Book

The Psychology of Investing

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• Covers a wide array of behavioural finance topics, including a rich selection of academic research, as well as theory drawn from established and emerging areas • Very accessible writing style helps students who are not finance specialists understand the concepts, while still retaining the attention of those with more in-depth knowledge • Experiential examples and end-of-chapter questions help students test their understanding • New content on fintech and cryptocurrencies, the role of social media in investing, generational biases, and the covid-19 pandemic • A dedicated chapter on the physiology of investment explores the latest research from genetics and neuroscience in informing investment behaviour, with new content on generational biases • More international examples, including from Asia and Africa, increasing the book’s relevance for globally focused behavioural finance courses • Online supplements comprising student quizzes and an instructor manual and slides for lecturers.


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