Fuzzy Baseball #3 "RBI Robots" PB : RBI Robots, Book Book

Fuzzy Baseball #3 "RBI Robots" PB : RBI Robots Book


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Engaging kids' baseball story from best-selling illustrator of the A to ZMysteriesThe Fernwood Valley Fuzzies have a baseball game set with theundefeated and impeccable Geartown Clankees.

The Clankees perform likewell-oiled machines...mainly because they are robots in disguise just wanting tofit in and feel the love of good sportsmanship deep inside their gears. It's a battle of bolts, brawn, and stamina as the Fuzzies must keep upwith their robotic counterparts if they are to win the game.

With their rookie,Blossom Honey Possum, benched due to her fear of robots and their hitter, WalterWombat, determined to win at any costs, the Fuzzies are up for the fight oftheir lives.

Forget about 7 inning stretch, try 38 inning stretch!