Transportation Amid Pandemics : Lessons Learned from COVID-19, EPUB eBook

Transportation Amid Pandemics : Lessons Learned from COVID-19 EPUB

Edited by Junyi Zhang, Yoshitsugu Hayashi

Part of the World Conference on Transport Research Society series


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Transportation Amid Pandemics: Practices and Policies is the first reference on pandemics (especially COVID-19) in the context of transport, logistics, and supply chains. This book investigates the relationships between pandemics and transport and evaluates impacts of COVID-19 and effects of policy responses to address them. It explores how to recover from pandemics, reveals governance for immediate policy responses and future innovations, suggests strategies for post-pandemic sustainable and resilient development, shares lessons of COVID-19 policymaking across countries, and discusses how to transform transport systems for a better future. Transportation Amid Pandemics offers transport researchers and policymakers the scientific evidence they need to support their decisions and solutions against pandemics.

"Curiosity and research brought me to discover an excellent handbook covering the relations between COVID 19 and the transport reality. It is called "Transportation amid Pandemics -Lessons Learned from COVID-19" and has been published this year. 2022 happens to be the year of the 50th anniversary of the first report to The Club of Rome "The Limits to Growth". The new book covers evidences from all over the world, and offers policy recommendations from a great variety of perspectives".

Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker

  • Represents the collective efforts of the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS)
  • Uniquely deals with intertwined issues of pandemics and transport
  • Investigates both successful and problematic policy measures
  • Emphasizes bvidence-based policymaking from cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary perspectives
  • Transfers lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to future generations


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