Sweet Little Lies,  Book

Sweet Little Lies

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‘I was gripped’ Louise Jensen, author of The Fall Teenage girls can do some pretty awful things… Lexie and Amber used to share everything, especially their dream of getting out of their small-town home.

Born only ten months apart, they once thought they couldn’t be closer. THEY WERE WRONG. Fifteen years ago, Amber was brutally murdered in the woods, and Lexie’s high-school boyfriend was sentenced to death for her killing.

Lexie is still stuck in the town she dreamed she’d leave, and everyone thinks she knew more about the night of the killing than she told. PROBLEM IS, THEY’RE RIGHT. Now the execution is just days away, and the town has breathed a sigh of relief.

But old secrets are finally being uncovered, and it’s clear not everyone wants the truth to be told. AND TIME IS RAPIDLY RUNNING OUT… Readers are LOVING Sweet Little Lies ‘Gripped me from page one’ ‘Kept me on the edge of my seat’ ‘I would recommend to anyone’ ‘A must read’ ‘Keeps up the suspense right up until the very end’


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