Feminist Judgments: Immigration Law Opinions Rewritten, Hardback Book


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This volume, part of the Feminist Judgment Series, shows how feminist legal theory along with critical race theory and intersectional modes of critique might transform immigration law.

Here, a diverse collection of scholars and lawyers bring critical feminist, race, and intersectional insights to Supreme Court opinions.

Feminist reasoning values the perspectives of outsiders, exposes the deep-rooted bias in the legal opinions of courts, and illuminates the effects of ostensibly neutral policies that create and maintain oppression and hierarchy.

One by one, the chapters reimagine the norms that drive immigration policies and practices.

In place of discrimination and subordination, the authors demand welcome and equality.

Where current law omits the voice and stories of noncitizens, the authors center their lives and experiences.

Collectively, they reveal how a feminist vision of immigration law could center a commitment to equality and justice and foster a country where diverse newcomers readily flourish with dignity.


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