Infest the Rats' Nest, Vinyl / 12" Album Vinyl

Infest the Rats' Nest Vinyl / 12" Album

by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

Vinyl / 12" Album

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Fifteenth studio album, and second released in 2019, by the Australian psychedelic rock band. 'Infest the Rats' Nest' sees the group embrace a new sound, a heavier, almost thrash metal vibe. Frontman Stu McKenzie said: 'In Year 4 there was an older kid who was into Rammstein. That was my introduction to heavy metal, and soon Rammstein led to Metallica, Metallica led to Slayer, Slayer led to Kreator and Sodom'.

Track Listing

  1. Planet B
  2. Mars for the Rich
  3. Organ Farmer
  4. Superbug
  5. Venusian 1
  6. Perihelion
  7. Venusian 2
  8. Self-immolate
  9. Hell