Twisted Tongues : Jokes, Comics, Facts, and Tongue Twisters--All 100% Gross!, Paperback / softback Book

Twisted Tongues : Jokes, Comics, Facts, and Tongue Twisters--All 100% Gross! Paperback / softback

Illustrated by David DeGrand

Paperback / softback

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So gross and so funny!Grandma Gladys gripped her glass of greasy gristle. Toad Lou's tofu is toe goo. Tot totes toy toilet. Let's face it, kids can never get enough of stuff that's slimy, stinky, sticky, and oozy.

Combine it with the proven crowd-pleasing format of a tongue twister, and the result is pure silly fun. Co-written by Kit Lively, a veteran of MAD magazine, and David Lewman, an author with riddle books in his resume, Twisted Tongues delivers with 150 original tongue twisters featuring boogers, barf, drool, mucus, pus, gas, poop, and all of the other utterly disgusting things that kids obsess over.

In addition to the tongue twisters, the book is packed with delightfully gross illustrations, a recurring comic strip starring two boogers, and wretched riddles and repulsive facts.

Did you know that Hippocrates, a doctor in ancient Greece often called the father of medicine, tasted his patients' earwax? (Ewwww.)So move over, boring woodchucks chucking wood. And hello, Big bedbugs bite pet pugs' butts. And Professional pimple popping produces plentiful pus. And Slobbering zombies slumbering soundly.