Targets and Goals, Pamphlet Book

Targets and Goals Pamphlet

Part of the Scientology Handbook Series series


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How does one get things done? How does one make a dream a reality or carry a plan through to completion?

Many of us seem to have unrealized goals or incomplete plans and many of us face tasks that appear overwhelming, even impossible to achieve.

This is true not only of individuals, but of companies and even countries.

History is filled with failed projects. In examining the subject of organization, L. Ron Hubbard developed an enormous body of technology to ensure the success of any group.

In doing so, he also provided a solution to the most common of failings: the lack of ability to execute plans. In this section, you will discover how to attain literally any goal, large or small.

Plans can be carried through to fruition, but a number of vital steps must be taken, one after the other.

You'll learn what these steps are and how to apply them to anything - a personal ambition, a family, a group, a business and more.

You'll learn that your dreams can become real.