Multifaceted Bio-sensing Technology, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Multifaceted Bio-sensing Technology introduces the different types of biosensors, their construction materials, configurations, production methods, and their uses in bioelectrochemical fuel cells (BEFC).

It focuses on recent progress in the production of biosensing platforms/interfaces, their integration, design and fabrication, and their multifaceted applications in bioelectrochemical systems.

The chapters explore the integration of genetic elements such as DNA, enzymes, and whole cells within these systems, and address environmental applications including wastewater contaminant detection, toxicity, and bioremediation.

Throughout, the book shows how rapid, minuscule, and affordable biocomponents can be produced for a variety of energy and environmental applications. This book provides a practical introduction to the production of biocomponents for bioelectrochemical devices and environmental monitoring, and will be a useful reference for graduates and researchers involved in the application of bioelectrochemical systems, as well as those working more broadly in bioenergy, electrochemistry, biology, environmental engineering, and multidisciplinary research across those areas.