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Restoring Trust After Infidelity DVD video

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Infidelity in any relationship creates devastating feelings of loss and betrayal, and can potentially result in insecure attachment bonds and subsequent separation or divorce.

Couples seeking therapeutic intervention want to recover and repair the rupture, but often times are not sure how to push past what seems like an impasse - the betrayed partner suffers from hurt and anger, while the unfaithful partner suffers from shame and guilt. In Restoring Trust After Infidelity, Dr. Lawrence Josephs demonstrates his integrative mentalization-based approach for helping couples manage conflicts and emotional dysregulation. In the therapy demonstration, Dr. Josephs works with a couple engaged to be married who have suffered from issues stemming from infidelity.

Applying his approach, Dr. Josephs helps the couple to effectively manage negative interaction patterns and begin to restore trust and develop more secure attachment bonds.