Devil's Mist, Paperback / softback Book



It starts typically enough. A camping trip with a friend's family, with a campfire to sit around and tell scary stories - except Rosie's dad says this one is true.

According to legend, the house across the lake hosts a strange curse, a missing daughter and a threat that anyone who ventures close will meet the same fate.

Rosie and Jenny shrug the story off, but as events escalate, it becomes crystal clear that the curse is real and someone else is the next target.

Although they try to deny the truth, a note from an unlikely source confirms their deepest fears.

Lies unravel, allies form and the truth about what happened back then threatens to come to light.

But one answer remains shrouded, haunting all involved: Will they escape the mist before it comes for them or are they doomed to be lost forever?




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