Hand Sown... Home Grown/Silk Purse/Linda Ronstadt, CD / Remastered Album Cd

Hand Sown... Home Grown/Silk Purse/Linda Ronstadt CD / Remastered Album

by Linda Ronstadt

CD / Remastered Album

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Track Listing

Disc 1
  1. Baby You've Been On My Mind
  2. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  3. Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
  4. A Number and a Name
  5. The Only Mama That'll Walk the Line
  6. The Long Way Around
  7. Break My Mind
  8. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  9. It's About Time
  10. We Need a Lot More of Jesus (And a Lot Less Rock 'N' Roll)
  11. The Dolphins
  12. Lovesick Blues
  13. Are My Thoughts With You?
  14. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
  15. Nobodys
  16. Louise
  17. Long Long Time
  18. Mental Revenge
  19. I'm Leavin' It All Up to You
  20. He Darked the Sun
  21. Life Is Like a Mountain Railway
Disc 2
  1. Rock Me On the Water
  2. Crazy Arms
  3. I Won't Be Hangin' 'Round
  4. I Still Miss Someone
  5. In My Reply
  6. I Fall to Pieces
  7. Ramblin' 'Round
  8. Birds
  9. Faithful
  10. Rescue Me