Noah's Wife : A Novel, Hardback Book

Noah's Wife : A Novel Hardback


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In the tradition of Daniel Wallace s Big Fish and Eowyn Ivey s The Snow Child, a gorgeously written and fable-like novelrecasting Noah s Ark as a story of relationships, courage, resilience, and hope. Variously romantic, symbolic, philosophical, feminist, and fanciful, this is an atmospheric tale that meanders to a sweetly rousing conclusion. . . .Forget the ark, forget the patriarch. It's the women who tend to triumph in this modern take on an Old Testament parable. Kirkus Reviews In loving Noah, his wife never imagined she d end up in this gray and wet little town where it s been raining for as long as anyone can remember.

Newly appointed as pastor, Noah is determined to bring the eccentric townspeople back to the church, but the members of his congregation only want to keep their homes afloat.

As the water swallows up the houses, the renowned zoo, and the single highway out of town, Noah, his wife, and their new neighbors must confront not only the savage forces of nature but also the fragile ties that bind them to one another.

Poignant and whimsical, playful and wise, Noah s Wifechallenges our expectations of love, commitment, and redemption.By reimagining this classic story in a new and modern light, the novel asks: how do we know when to stay and when it s time to go? "