Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment, Hardback Book

Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment Hardback

Part of the Feminist Strategies: Flexible Theories and Resilient Practices series


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Universities teach courses in ethics, but do they teach students how to be ethical in practice?

Lisa Kretz's Ethics, Emotion, Education, and Empowerment explores the ways that philosophical ethics are currently taught and argues that dominant approaches fail to adequately support ethical action, in part because emotions are all too often ignored or repressed in university classrooms.

In isolation, abstract theoretical content fails to motivate.

The ability to reason through an ethical dilemma does not, by itself, of necessity impact ethical action.

Empowered action requires intentional emotional engagement.

Kretz argues that part of the reason affective pedagogy fails to get sufficient uptake is due to the operations of oppression.

There is a long history of the reason-emotion dualism undermining recognition of the necessary and valuable epistemic roles emotions play in moral life, and serving as a political tactic to undermine the experience of oppressed groups.

This impoverishes ethical pedagogy because it is to the detriment of their ability to teach ethics in a comprehensive way and strips the potential of supporting students to enact their own reflectively held ethical beliefs and values.

Using the example of the environmental crisis, Kretz makes a case for supporting students as engaged activists aware of their capacity to ethically change the world.


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