Reimagining God : The Faith Journey of a Modern Heretic, Paperback / softback Book

Reimagining God : The Faith Journey of a Modern Heretic Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Described by the BBC as ""the last living heretic,"" Lloyd Geering has spent much of his life wrestling with God.

Of late, however, he finds himself struggling with the absence of God.

The rise of nonreligious, secular culture around the world testifies that he is not alone, that the concept of God has become problematical.

Should God be abandoned altogether? Can God be reformed, so to speak?Drawing from theology, science and his own faith journey-from his call to ministry, through his much-publicized heresy trial, to decades of public speaking, teaching and writing, Geering retraces key developments in the Western understanding of God.

He imagines a new spirituality, one that blends a relationship to the natural world with a celebration of the rich inheritance of human culture. Reviews:"Reimagining God is surely the key challenge for any still drawn-for whatever reason-by the stories of or about the man Jesus from Nazareth, in the world `after theology', which so many now recognise as the territory we together inhabit. ... Lloyd Geering has shown himself to be not just a survivor but a gifted commentator for almost 50 years, not only on how to survive; but also, much more importantly, how to belong and indeed thrive as a progressive believer in today's still too often less than progressive church." -Sofia