Petrochemistry - Petrochemical Processing, Hydrocarbon Technology and Green Engineering, Hardback Book

Petrochemistry - Petrochemical Processing, Hydrocarbon Technology and Green Engineering Hardback


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A comprehensive textbook on petrochemical conversion processes for petroleum and natural gas fractions as produced by refinery operations This innovative textbook provides essential links between the chemical sciences and chemical technology, between petrochemistry and hydrocarbon technology.

The book brings alive key concepts forming the basis of chemical technology and presents a solid background for innovative process development.

In all chapters, the processes described are accompanied by simplified flow schemes, encouraging students to think in terms of conceptual process designs. Petrochemistry: Petrochemical Processing, Hydrocarbon Technology and Green Engineering introduces students to a variety of topics related to the petrochemical industry, hydrocarbon processing, fossil fuel resources, as well as fuels and chemicals conversion.

The first chapter covers the fundamentals and principals for designing several of the processes in the book, including discussions on thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, reactor calculations, and industrial catalysts.

The following chapters address recent advances in hydrocarbon technology, energy technology, and sources of hydrocarbons.

The book then goes on to discuss the petrochemical industry based on four basic pillars, all derived from petroleum and natural gas: Production of lower alkenes; other sources of lower alkenes; petrochemicals from C2-C3 alkenesProduction of BTX aromatics; chemicals from BTX aromaticsC1 technologyDiversification of petrochemicals The growing importance of sustainable technology, process intensification and addressing greenhouse gas emissions is reflected throughout the book. Written for advanced students working in the areas of petrochemistry, hydrocarbon technology, natural gas, energy materials and technologies, alternative fuels, and recycling technologies the book is also a valuable reference for industrial practitioners in the oil and gas industry.