Amide Bond Activation - Concepts and Reactions, Hardback Book

Amide Bond Activation - Concepts and Reactions Hardback


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Amide Bond Activation Comprehensive resource on the pivotal role of the amide bond in organic synthesis This book provides the reader with insight into the advances that have taken place in the field of amide bond activation.

It focuses on both the fundamental structural properties of the amide bond and the synthetic reactions mediated by transition-metals.

By discussing amide bond activation in terms of modern organic synthesis, the reader is provided with a thorough overview of the area and its crucial role in forging carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds.

Sample topics discussed within the work include: Cross-coupling of amides Amide bond activation by twisting and nitrogen pyramidalization Electrophilic amide bond functionalization Transition metal-catalyzed radical reactions of amides Amide bond esterification, hydrolysis and transamidation Classical bridged lactams and anomeric amides Computational studies of amide C-N bond activationCross-coupling of esters by C-O activation The book is immensely valuable to synthetic chemists in academia and the pharmaceutical industry who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept of amide bond activation.