Supergirl Volume 1 : The Killers of Krypton, Paperback / softback Book

Supergirl Volume 1 : The Killers of Krypton Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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Superman and Supergirl, the last two Kryptonians on Earth, have had their beliefs shattered.

With new revelations about their home planet--and the man who destroyed it--Supergirl builds a star cruiser using whatever tech she can scrounge, and after intel from Green Lantern, she blasts off into the cosmos with Rogol Zaar's deadly axe to solve the mystery--along with a traveling companion you won't believe!

With Supergirl's status quo completely turned upside down, Supergirl Vol. 1 is an all-new jumping-on point for any reader interested in the titular character behind one of The CW's highest-rated shows!

Master comics author and screenwriter Marc Andreyko and legendary illustrator Kevin Maguire comes on board to pen a story featuring one of the strongest of DC's characters, Supergirl!

Collects #21-26.