Experimental Approaches to Phonology, Hardback Book

Experimental Approaches to Phonology Hardback

Edited by Maria-Josep Sole, Patrice Speeter Beddor, Manjari Ohala


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This wide-ranging survey of experimental methods in phonetics and phonology shows the insights and results provided by different methods of investigation, including laboratory-based, statistical, psycholinguistic, computational-modeling, corpus, and field techniques.

The five chapters in the first part of the book examine the recent history and interrelations of theory and method.

The remaining 18 chapters are organized into parts devoted to four key current areas ofresearch: phonological universals; phonetic variation and phonological change; maintaining, enhancing, and modeling phonological contrasts; and phonological knowledge.

The book provides fresh insights into the findings and theoretical advances that emerge from experimental investigation ofphonological structure and phonological knowledge, as well as critical perspectives on experimental methods in the perception, production, and modeling of speech. This book will be a valuable asset for all researchers into the sound structure of language, including scholars and advanced students of phonetics, phonology, speech science, psycholinguistics, and applied linguistics.