Starfinder Adventure Path: Solar Strike (Dawn of Flame 5 of 6), Paperback / softback Book

Starfinder Adventure Path: Solar Strike (Dawn of Flame 5 of 6) Paperback / softback



Rebels in the Sun A cry for help from deep within the sun leads theheroes to dive in once more.

Forces loyal to efreet from the Planeof Fire have conquered the deep-sun settlement of apeaceful species, threatening to destroy their way of life.

The heroes mustinfiltrate the occupied city, find allies within, and defeat the fieryoppressors.

The group acts as a strike team, assisting the rebels, taking outhigh-value targets, and helping to restore order.

But even if they accomplishthese missions, the heroes still have to face the enemy commanders-including amighty solar dragon-and the discovery that this attack is merely a beachhead fora larger invasion that threatens the Pact Worlds' power on thesun!This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues theDawn of Flame Adventure Path and includes:* "Solar Strike," a Starfinderadventure for 9th-level characters, by Mark Moreland. * A gazetteer of Kahlannal, a deep-sun citybuilt by a new species, the anassanois, by Mark Moreland. * A survey of beings native to the interior ofother stars in the galaxy, by Kate Baker. * An archive of creatures, from the telepathicanassanois to enormous giants and the colossal Daimalkan xaxmellia, by TracyBarnett, Eleanor Ferron, David P.

Gregoire, Mark Moreland, Owen K.C. Stephens,and James L. Sutter. * Deck plans and statistics for an anassanoistarship that is an amalgam of smaller vehicles, by Mark Moreland, and a planetof corporate intrigue, by Tracy Barnett.




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