The handbook of inequality and socioeconomic position : Concepts and measures, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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This Handbook is the definitive resource for anyone wishing to quickly look up and understand key concepts and measurements relating to socioeconomic position and inequalities.

A range of key concepts is defined and measures of socioeconomic position and inequality described.

Alphabetical listings, cross-referencing, graphs and worked examples, references to web and other sources of further information, all contribute to making the Handbook both engaging and accessible for a wide audience. For students, academics and others involved in social science research it answers questions such as:* 'What's the official government measure of poverty?' * 'What factors make up the Townsend Index of Deprivation?'* 'What is a gini coefficient?'* 'I have to write a report on tackling inequalities in my area - what are the key issues I should consider before I begin?'For practitioners, policy makers, journalists and others who must read, understand and use research in fields as diverse as health, criminology, education, the environment, transport and housing it provides a one-stop, authoritative guide to making sense of and evaluating the significance of often complex methodologies. The authors are all eminent researchers in the field of health inequalities.

They have together produced two glossaries for the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health and have published a large number of books and articles in learned academic journals.