Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants, Hardback Book

Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants Hardback


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The seductive nature of carnivorous plants is on sensational display in this art collection of botanical photography.

Over 140 color images show minute detail of the species, hybrids, and cultivars from around the world cultivated by the author, as well as the local native carnivorous plants in their natural habitats on Long Island, NY.

The photography is accompanied by information relating to the plants' genus, specie, common names, ranges, and conservation status.

Additional sections feature equipment and growing conditions he used for the cultivation of his various specimens, the creative display of these plants, his observations of wild carnivorous plants in nature, the current threats they face to survival in their natural habitats, and the conservation organizations that are working to protect them.

This book will appeal to those with the interests of the fine arts, photography, horticulture, natural history and nature conservation.