Sustainable Biodiesel : Real World Designs, Economics and Applications, Paperback / softback Book

Paperback / softback

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Sustainable Biodiesel: Real World Designs, Economics and Applications offers a unique, integrated approach that combines cutting-edge research results and the day-to-day aspects of biodiesel production at the industrial level.

The book brings together experienced academics and recognized industry experts to explore the most practical elements of research and discuss limitations and future needs in the industry.

Sections discuss biodiesel-based biorefineries, feedstock supply chains, reactor technologies and processes for biodiesel production.

In addition, the authors examine biodiesel plants from the point-of-view of design, operation, quality control, lifecycle costing (LCC), life cycle assessment, and environmental and exergetic sustainability, and more. This book provides both researchers and practitioners in the field of biomass and biofuels with a well-rounded understanding of how the technologies developed in the lab can be deployed in the industry at commercial scale in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.