When the Lights Go on Again : The Story of Cowfold in World War 2, Paperback / softback Book

When the Lights Go on Again : The Story of Cowfold in World War 2 Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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This book tells the story of life during WW2 in and around Cowfold, largely through the memories of eleven children, with ages ranging from under five to teenager. There are no stories here of bloodshed, death and destruction.

Instead this is a story of making do with often very little, of life in the village under the restrictions of blackout and rationing, of childish wide-eyed excitement at watching aerial combat and of rushing to the site of a crashed bomber or fighter in the hope of picking up souvenirs. There are stories of fear at hearing the night time throbbing engine of German bombers or bombs and incendiaries exploding in the area, and later of the dreaded Doodlebug.

This was the villagers' front line- the Home Front - where achieving victory in farming the fields or responding to the Dig for victory campaign or just keeping calm and carrying on was no less important to the ultimate victory than the battles fought on land, in the air, and at sea. The children played their part in this Home Front victory accepting the hardships and contributing to the war effort by helping with fund raising or collecting wild fruit for processing, or helping with the harvests.

This book is a tribute to all those children and adults of Cowford who endured six years of hardship, shortages, separation from fathers, husbands, sons and brothers and sisters, and fear and yet who persevered and ultimately prevailed.