Timing in 3D Animation : It's About Time, Paperback / softback Book

Timing in 3D Animation : It's About Time Paperback / softback

Paperback / softback

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It's About Timing ushers timing for animation into the digital age, offering the same timeless techniques used by every animator to date but applying them to modern media.

The 3D medium allows for much more complexity in animation, and the art of timing can become lost or misunderstood amongst rigging, spline management (that's a real thing), and scaling timing.

Ironically, in a world where software handles most of the timing issues that cropped up in 2D drawing, the art of timing is lost and animations can fall flat. Michal Makarewicz of Pixar Animation Studios knows that even with all the 3D software, timing is still a very important aspect of moviemaking and storytelling.

It's About Timing teaches animators the basics of timing in animation, but also the basics of frame rates for film and TV.

After teaching the basics, Makarewicz discusses the types of timing, which work for which movies/shows, and how time can affect the mood of an animator's work.

He explains how to layer the physical aspects of timing along with the emotional to create a funny scene or a harrowing set piece.

He discusses the use of music and story and how the timing of the two enhances the work. Key FeaturesTakes the timeless techniques of timing for 2D animation and brings it to the world of computer animation, without honing on just one software or tool. Features exercises at the end of the chapter that review topics and lessons learned. Loaded with image- and video clip-examples that best display the technique and theory put into practice.