Tales of the Lost Flamingo, EPUB eBook

Tales of the Lost Flamingo EPUB

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Tales of the Lost Flamingo takes its readers on a journey through life's circus utilizing a cast of unforgettable characters magically woven into twelve individual but interwined stories that peek through the holes in the Big Top like a dozen wide-eyed urchins.

Mr. Griffin's debut novella, , is a comic conundrum as wild and wacky as a Volkswagen full of clowns. Enjoy the show as they spasmodically spill out on the sawdust floor in a hysterical, heart wrenching tarantella that only the manic music of Mr. Griffin's calliope can provide.

Watch Chester Cranepool defy death beneath a falling safe. See the President of the United States sing and dance his way into historical oblivion. Go on patrol with the men of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. Take a midnight bus ride into eternity with Sergeant Jerome Buck. Guzzle rum with a famous artist and relive the movie career of Lamar 'The Star' Fandango. Discover love on your door step and experience Happy Hour with Big Al and the gang at the Hideaway Bar. Meet the real Herman Melville as he stalks a prehistoric mudfish in the Okefenokee Swamp. Drink pina coladas with Elvis and vistit Sarasota, Florida's hottest night spot. Wind up your visit to the Big Top with one last bumper car ride you will never forget.

Grab a seat in the peanut gallery. The circus is coming to town.




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